Slěźeŕski seminar

Slěźeŕski seminar

Wót lěta 2015 zarědujo I.z.s. slěźeŕski seminar k spěchowanju slěźenja a wuwucowanja wědomnostnikow. Dalšny zaměr jo, naše slěźeŕske wuslědki mjaz institutami ako teke fakultu a uniwersitu pśesegajucy k dispoziciji stajiś a diskutěrowaś. Slěźeŕski seminar jo interdisciplinarnje wusměrjony, ale fokusěrujo se na śěžyšći literaturowěda a rěcywěda.

Research Seminar Summer Term 2019

07.11. Till Vogt, Leipzig University The sociolinguistic situation of Lower Sorbian revisited
21.11. Sadananda Das, Leipzig University Sanskrit and its Revival in contemporary India
05.12. Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones, University of Wales Dogfennu Iaith a Iaith Dogfen: Dadansoddi rhaglenni a chynnwys ffeithiol S4C (held in English: Welsh-language documentaries on S4C)
19.12. Eduard Werner, Leipzig University The oldest Lower Sorbian Catechism
16.01. Lena Seehausen, Leipzig University The Vision of Adomnán/Fís Adamnáin
30.01. Irena Kurzová Prague Narrative technique of interlace in Middle Welsh prose


Summer 2019
20.06. Sabine Asmus Results of Field Research on the Concept of Aspect in Welsh
06.06. Guillem Belmar Viernes & Eva J. Daussa, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Intelligibility and Receptive Multilingualism / Minorities & Multilingualism / Frisian
23.05. Eduard Werner An introduction to Sorbian
09.05. Leoš Šatava, University of Prague Ethnolinguistic situation of Aromanians (Vlachs) in Macedonia. Young people in Kruševo as an indicator of ethnic identity and attitude to the language
25.04. Nicole Dołowy Rybińska, Polish Academy of Sciences, & Cordula Ratajczak, Serbski institut, Budyšin What is the place of Upper Sorbian new speakers and learners in Lusatia? The case of the Upper Sorbian Grammar School in Bautzen/Budyšin
11.04. Lena Krochmann Recent language planning and revitalisation efforts for Scottish Gaelic
Winter 2018/19
31.01.2019 Patrick McCafferty A Celtic Tale in Ancient Egypt
14.01.2019 Katharina Seel Conflicts of Interest at the Irish Border between 1926 and 1959
20.12.2018 Mario Helm, Universidad de Concepción, Chile Aspekte der Berücksichtigung ethnischer Minderheiten im Rechtssystem Chiles
06.12.2018 Lena Seehausen Apocryphical Texts of the Irish Church
22.11.2018 Ielyzaveta Walther The Council of Europe and Minorities in (Higher) Education – the Case of Lower Sorbian and Kashubian
08.11.2018 Till Vogt Lower Sorbian Corpus Studies in Search of Current Syntactic Structures
25.10.2018 Eduard Werner Old Sorbian Verbal Art and Historical Linguistics
Summer 2018
07.06.2018 Evgenia Zhivotova and Michael Rießler Corpus-based Sociolinguistics of Even
24.05.2018 Sabine Asmus and Eduard Werner Aspect – a grammatical category in Insular Celtic and Slavic? The case of Sorbian and Welsh
26.04.2018 Peredur Lynch, Prifardd and Professor University of Bangor Basics of cynghanedd, incl. proest
12.04.2018 Till Vogt Word Order and Translation: Testament Nevez Hon Aotrou Jézuz-Krist and Nowy Testament
Winter 2017/18
30.01.2018 Patrick McCafferty The Younger Dryass Impact Hypothesis: A Tale of Fire, Stone and Ice (+ notes on Sinai)
16.01.2018 Sabine Asmus (with support by Sven Grawunder) Three and two-variant sonorants in Welsh and their implications on its orthography
21.11.2017 Emilia Deutsch Die Darstellung der Frau in polnischen, tschechischen, obersorbischen und deutschen Sprichwörtern des 19. Jahrhunderts
14.11.2017 Máirín Ní Dhonnchadha, Professor National University of Ireland, Galway Language contact and loanwords to and from Irish
10.10.2017 Ielyzaveta Walther Latest developments in Minority and Celtic Studies
24.10.2017 Eduard Werner Urbanisation and minority languages
Summer 2017
06.07.2017 Julia Bischoffberger Person hierarchy and direction in local configurations in Guarayu verb agreement
29.06.2017 Priska Fronemann Irish Nationalism(s) within the Irish Diaspora
15.06.2017 Eduard Werner Aspect and Performativity in Sorbian
01.06.2017 Evgenia Zhivotova Coordination and subordinationin Kildin Sámi and Bystraya Even under the influence of Russian
18.05.2017 Sabine Asmus and Sven Grawunder Language structuring consonant mutation(s) in Welsh (and Irish)
04.05.2017 Till Vogt The use of Breton as displayed in Breton grammar books
Winter 2016/17
30.01.2017 Sabine Asmus Basics of VSO-driven uses of Welsh 'central pronouns'
18.01.2017 Till Vogt The struggle for revitalization / language maintenance: The terms "neo-speaker" and "learner" under scrutiny
04.01.2017 Patrick McCafferty Aided Conchobhar and solar eclipses
07.12.2016 Ielyzaveta Stefanova Donbassian/Ukranian/Welsh literature about miners
23.11.2016 Lena Terhart Associated motion and a directional in Paunaka
09.11.2016 Meic Birtwistle, Wales Brexit
26.10.2016 Eduard Werner Tracing Sorbs in Berlin and elsewhere
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