Research seminar

Research Seminar

Since 2015, the Institute for Sorbian Studies has been running a research seminar in order to promote research and lecturing of academics linked to this institute. Another goal of the research seminar is to make our research results known interinstitutionally within and beyond the faculty and university and invite discussions in their regard. The research seminar is interdisciplinary, but has a focus on linguistics and literary studies.


25.10.2018 Eduard Werner Old Sorbian Verbal Art and Historical Linguistics
08.11.2018 Till Vogt Lower Sorbian Corpus Studies in Search of Current Syntactic Structures
22.11.2018 Ielyzaveta Walther Minors’ Lives in 5 Welsh Novels
06.12.2018 Lena Seehausen Apocryphical Texts of the Irish Church
20.12.2018 Katharina Seel Conflicts of Interest at the Irish Border between 1926 and 1959
03.01.2019 Patrick McCafferty A Celtic Tale in Ancient Egypt
24.01.2019 Sabine Asmus Results of Field Research on Aspect in Welsh



last modified: 05.10.2018