Research seminar

Research seminar

Since 2015, the Institute for Sorbian Studies has been running a research seminar in order to promote research and lecturing of academics linked to this institute. Another goal of the research seminar is to make our research results known interinstitutionally within and beyond the faculty and university and invite discussions in their regard. The research seminar is interdisciplinary, but has a focus on linguistics and literary studies.

The schedule for the summer term 2018:


12.4. Till Vogt "Word Order and Translation: Testament Nevez Hon Aotrou Jézuz-Krist and Nowy Testament"

26.4. Prof Peredur Lynch, Prifardd and Professor of the University of Bangor on Basics of cynghanedd, incl. proest1

24.5. PD Dr. Michael Rießler and Evgenia Zhivotova "Towards corpus-based sociolinguistic comparison of endangered languages in Germany, Russia, and Sweden"

7.6. Asmus, Sabine and Eduard Werner on "Aspect – a grammatical category in Insular Celtic and Slavic? The case of Sorbian and Welsh"

5.7. Priska Fronemann "Field research Irish Diaspora"


1  This presentation is also suitable for linguists, in particular phoneticians and phonologists, because Welsh metrics are rather unique at least in Europe and reflect the consonant-based Welsh sound system (see Asmus, Sabine and Grawunder, Sven, 2017, Vowel Length in Welsh Monosyllables, its Interrela-tion with Irish and other Related Problems, Edwin Mellen Press, see paper)

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