Translation workshop in Szczecin

Translation workshop in Szczecin

Ielyzaveta and Menna Elfyn

Students of Sorbian went to the university of Szczecin to present their translations into Upper and Lower Sorbian of Welsh-language poetry by Menna Elfyn (writer and professor of poetry at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David) in a public and university reading. Two other students who attend Sorbian-language courses at the Sorbian institute of the university of Leipzig introduced translations into Irish, Czech and French. They used the chance to address issues of minority languages and exchange their knowledge and experiences with speakers of other minority languages, met students and discussed matters of general students’ interest. The trip and tanslation workshop was organised by Ielyzaveta Walther.

Here are some cutscenes of the event with our students.

See the full videos here.

last modified: 16.12.2019