General Information

With the foundation of the Sorbian institute, the study of the Sorbian minority in Germany was institutionalised in academia for the first time. This enabled systematic research into the language, literature and history of the Lusatian Sorbian people on the one hand, and on the other, the education of Sorbian teachers, journalists, linguists and literary and cultural specialists. Initially, a major focus was the education of teachers of Sorbian and qualified personnel for Sorbian institutions. With the increasing importance and recognition of minorities and smaller peoples in a European context, a broader range of potential job opportunities became available to Sorbian speakers. The linguistic education of students in the Institute is predominantly carried out through the medium of Upper and Lower Sorbian.

To reward outstanding academic achievements during the study of philology or teacher training in Sorbian, annual scholarships are available from the Stiftung für das sorbische Volk

A one year scholarship from the same foundation is also availabile for students from Central, Southern or Eastern Europe who wish to study Sorbian at the University of Leipzig. This opportunity to further Sorbian Studies has been available since the academic year 1996/97. Undergraduate students of Slavic Studies or related disciplines who are interested in these scholarships may apply with the Stiftung für das sorbische Volk. At the end of their period of study, students will be able to fluently speak and read Upper or Lower Sorbian and will have acquired a deep knowledge of all areas of Sorbian Studies. As a result, they will have a specialised qualification for further professional opportunities in their home countries.

To date, students have visited from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, the Ukraine, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia. A list of all recepients of this scholarship may be found here.

Detailed information concerning the curricula of the Bachelor & Master programmes and regarding Scholarships can be found separately on our homepage.

last modified: 20.03.2018