Sorbian Summer School

Sorbian Summer School

The Sorbian Summer School, organised under the aegis of the Institute for Sorbian Studies and the Centre for Further and Distance Education of the University of Leipzig was first held in 2013. At that time it was an intensive one-week course in Upper Sorbian. The basic idea was to offer a certified course, in particular for career changers and students of other subjects, guaranteed to take place every year.

From 2014, the Sorbian Summer School will be held in cooperation with the Sorbian Institute, as a two week course in Upper and Lower Sorbian, catering for students of various levels (beginners, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced). The scheme caters for those interested in Upper and Lower Sorbian in Saxony and Brandenburg who wish to learn Sorbian or to refresh their knowledge. It is possible to sign up for only the first week, or only the second, or both.

The ECTS-certified course (5 ECTS per week) will take place from 3 August 2014 to 17 August 2014, the first week taking place in Leipzig, the second in Bautzen. The focus of the week to be held in Leipzig is language acquisition (5 hours per day), while the week in Bautzen allows for more time in direct contact with Sorbian speakers (3 hours of language acquisition per day).

The programme is supplemented by lectures. A programme of cultural events is offered for most evenings. Participants are expected to intensively apply themselves both prior to and subsequent to the course.

For Registration, see here.

For the programme of the first week, see here.

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