B. A. European Minority Languages

The International B.A. in European Minority Languages is a new study programme. The underlying concept is that students study for two years at their home university and for one year abroad. The degree certificate is issued by the home university. Our partner is the University of Szczecin (Poland).

With this programme we react to the latest international developments.

This study programme builds on that of Sorbian Studies, with elective subjects including modules in Celtic Studies. This modules link to those of our Partner University and guarantee the acquisition of a high level of intercultural compentences, which are currently rarely available in Lusatia. Furthermore, the prospects for pursuing an academic career are improved, as graduates will possess the following qualifications, exceeding those of Sorbian Studies:

- Knowledge of Polish (one year stay)
- Good working knowledge of English (language of instruction at the Partner University)
- Good knowledge of at least one other minority language

This facilitaties subsequent work in national and international institutions and forms the basis of comparative interdisciplinary and intercultural research, as is necessary for projects such as WITAJ.

The study course has two streams:

The first stream is for those who have Upper or Lower Sorbian to B1 level according to the European General Framework, and who would therefore have no difficulty in following classes or initiating classroom discussion conducted through the medium of Sorbian.

The second stream is designed for students with little or no prior knowledge of Sorbian, who thus begin with classes and language courses conducted through the medium of German.

In either eventuality, it is expected that students write their dissertations in Sorbian.

The current exam regulations including curriculum may be viewed here.

last modified: 09.10.2018