B. A. Sorbian Studies

The B. A. in Sorbian studies is an academic undergraduate degree in Sorbian languages and culture.

The B. A. is a three year degree course leading to a third-level professional qualification (“Bachelor of Arts” in Humanities corresponds to “Bachelor of Science” in the Sciences).

Upon completion of the B. A., students can begin their professional lives or can continue to study for two further years, with the aim of completing a Master degree (M. A.). Half of the subjects in the B. A. form part of the core programme, while the remainder can be chosen from a range of elective and key subject options.

The B.A. in Sorbian Studies has two streams:

The first stream is for those who have Upper or Lower Sorbian to B1 level according to the European General Framework, and who would therefore have no difficulty in following classes or initiating classroom discussion conducted through the medium of Sorbian.

The second stream is designed for students with little or no prior knowledge of Sorbian, who thus begin with classes and language courses conducted through the medium of German.

In either eventuality, it is expected that students write their dissertations in Sorbian.

The current exam regulations including curriculum, structured according to a recommended progression of semesters, may be viewed here.



last modified: 04.02.2020