Teacher-training Programme (Staatsexamen)

The teacher-training programme concludes with a Staatsexamen (State Exam). The Sorbian teacher-training programme prepares students for the profession of teacher of Sorbian in Upper and Lower Lusatia and acquaints them with the necessary specialist knowledge, skills and methods in order to independently and responsibly deal with academic and didactic class content and research subjects. First of all, future teachers must be able to communicate adequately both orally and on paper about linguistic, literary, cultural and everyday subjects. As competent and qualified speakers, they should act to maintain Sorbian in their surroundings.

The period of study depends on the school type. Primary school teachers study for eight semesters, Middle school teachers for nine, and Secondary school teachers for ten. We do not educate Sorbian teachers for Special Education.

As with the M. A. the Staatsexamen (State Exam) can be followed with a PhD programme.

The current exam regulations including curriculum can be viewed here.

last modified: 09.10.2018