Slědźenski seminar 5.12.

Slědźenski seminar 5.12.

Dear Researchers,
Due to spreading illness and business trips, our meeting this coming week is cancelled and Dr. Patrick McCafferty will present at the end of January.

Research seminar

19.12. Till Vogt "Word Order and Translation: Testament Nevez Hon Aotrou Jézuz-Krist and Nowy Testament"
16.1. Sabine Asmus (with support by Sven Grawunder) "Three and two-variant sonorants in Welsh and their implications on its orthography"
30.1. Patrick McCafferty "The Younger Dryass Impact Hypothesis: A Tale of Fire, Stone and Ice" (+ notes on Sinai)

As always, 11.15-12.45, GWZ 1210

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